Monica Zoppè

Monica Zoppè

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First Name * Monica
Last Name * Zoppè
Username * MonZop
Country * Italy
City Pisa
Nationality italian
Languages EnglishItalianSpanish





I am trying to represent the beauty of cellular biology.

With a small group here at the National Research Council in Pisa, we are working to represent life in its smallest details using Maya.
We have developed instruments to import information from the scientific databases for proteins and other molecules of life. Proteins are the major charachters of the story, together with lipids, sugars and small molecules (called co-factors).

Some proteins have been scientifically described in more than one position (i.e. the atomic coordinates are present for several conformations): this should allow the animation. We import the position of all atoms at different key-times and ask Maya to interpolate between the positions. The point is that we must also teach Maya some rules of physics and chemistry so that the interpolation is scientifically correct.

Another important subject of our research is that we want to transmit in a visual way some 'physical' and 'chemical' features of the proteins and of the environment, such as hydrophobicity (the tendency of a surface to avoid water) or the acidity of a cellular compartment.

All images posted in this site are the product of collective work, including present and past members of the laboratory, plus some help from our friends :-)

Please visit our site, and drop us a line.